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7x2x1.95m Chicken Coop Walk In Run

7x2x1.95m Chicken Coop Walk In Run

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Spoil your girls with an enormous run space where they can scratch and dust bathe to their hearts content! Our enormous 7x2m enclosure has plenty of room to place a coop inside, and is also tall enough to allow you to walk around in the middle section, which is convenient when feeding your chooks and collecting the eggs!



* Tall enough to walk inside the middle section!

* Large sturdy lockable door!

* Heavy duty galvanised steel and powder-coated wire mesh!

* Enormous run space for your girls to scratch, graze and dust bathe!

* Plenty of room to place a coop, feeders, and waterers inside!

* Includes a detachable UV-treated waterproof roof cover!

* Quick and easy to assemble with only a screwdriver!



* Total dimensions: 7m (L) x 2m (W) x 1.95m (H)

* Steel tube diameter: 25mm

* Mesh grid: 40mm x 25mm

* Mesh thickness: 1mm

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